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up from weekend storms and flooding more rain could be in the forecast this week ... good afternoon i'm sean lewis and today for steve sanders and tim dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. judy wang is unwilling with the top story ... >>the weather was quiet overnight but it was not quiet for lots of residence here in the lakeside village subdivision residents told us
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they were overwhelmed by the big cleanup job >>at the end of nearly every driveway flood damaged belongings piles and piles of them ... >>we knew we would lose a few things but staring at all of this in one big pile there's a lot of it ... >>generators and blared through the night homeowners say after record rainfall nearly 7 in. falling in the chicago area saturday the water was so high they couldn't get an hour out of that neighborhood ... >>i feel that for a lot of these people lost more than we did >>some residents are still trying to get the water out many
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waiting for the trash haulers to arrive to take the piles a way >>many residents say that they have been through much worse ... >>2008 was worse ... this was not quite as bad but we are as far as i'm concerned better prepared this time around, i know it's an act of nature but we would like a little bit more recognition of what we are going through ... >>a village board meeting is planned for this evening many residents will attend to rest of there's anything to be done to help protect this community in the future from flooding >>des plaines residents have a long history with flooded basements and the storm was no exception that pulled furniture carpeting and other belongings out of their flooded basements over the weekend this home at 8 ft. of water on saturday morning
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some residents say they want to know why volvox lighting or not opened sooner >>the storm damage also caused a frightening experience in riverside for mother and her two little girls and a large tree branch snapped from its trunk courtney zavorski and her three year-old twin daughters brooke and paige the mother and her girls work near the tree time trying to catch a neighbor's dog when it happened to the check three were injured but their injuries are not life- threatening police say recent storms had weakened the tree branches ... >>the latest heat wave has claimed more lives the cook county medical examiner says former people died from heat related causes in recent days that brings the total number of victims from the past week's heat wave to at least 11 the medical examiner says that three people died from heart disease and he stressed there were found dead in their homes in chicago over the weekend ... >>with no dillon said republicans and democrats and they're coming up a separate proposal to raise the nation's
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debt ceiling gop house speaker john banner is unveiling a two- stage plan to cut spending and raise the ceiling enough to fund government to the end of the year this debt ceiling would be raised again in 2012 but would be tied to tax an entitlement reforms on the democratic side the senate majority leader harry reid proposes spending cuts in raising the debt ceiling to fund government through the end of 2012 kush after the election a deal needs to be done in a week before the u.s. goes into default again chilean cruise is live and rogers park where illinois senator dick durbin has an encouraging development ... >>the gang of six moderate senators are working on a compromise >>at a press conference to announce the release of federal funds for the chicago transit authority is redlined senator dick durbin announce the news that the gang of six proposal is
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alive once again one of several being hatched by factions on both side of the isle >>at this moment we have 32 senators both democrat and republican who have signed on to the gang of six proposals i hope we can increase the numbers and ultimately this turns out to be the answer ... >>president obama met with republican and democratic house leaders of the weekend in efforts to broker a deal but talks broke down yesterday with both sides retreating to their own caucuses try to come up with a new plan. >>to argue that president obama is somehow responsible is to ignore history and ignore the facts about the money he is borrowing is the money that congress already spent years ago ... >>the zero here modernization project is an early casualty ... >>airport construction crews at
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o'hare are unable to report for work today due to that faa shot down ... >>dick durbin says that the end result is hundreds of jobs getting furloughed at a time when unemployment is too high ... >>the man accused of the bombing and mass shooting that killed 76 people in norway has pleaded not guilty saying that he wants to save europe suspected right-wing christian extremist anders breivik appeared in court today and was ordered to remain in custody. he allegedly set off bombs at government offices in oslo and then opened fire at a politically its retreat northwest of the capital investigators also believe that breivik is the author of a manifesto which rants against the spread islam in europe and calls for a civil war against
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marxism he told the court he had help from to terrorist cells ... >>autopsies will take place today on the three family members killed in a plane crash near champaign among those killed was the university of chicago student bob jordan spoke with a close family friend insurance is live from the newsroom ... >>the crash occurred sunday morning when the family of four was flying to take one of the two daughters to modeling session in florida but storms were in the area and it is believed that when sharecrop the plan on take off and drove it into the ground the piper p a 46 crashed in 930 sunday morning on take off from the rental illinois airport killed were 56 year-old john burt katz has wife anna and the 19 year-old daughter morgan john was a successful businessman who was taking his daughter morgan a member of the university of chicago volleyball team to model athletic clothing leslie locks
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and lifelong friend of dinner briquette said this was an exceptional and loving family who often flew to different homes in different states ... >>they have a vacation home in florida and one in the ozarks they often use their plane to fly i have flown with john many times he is a meticulous pilot he plans everything out he is not one to just jump into a plane and go willy-nilly ... >>19 year-old morgan was going to participate in a fitness camp and the family was flying her to the modeling session prior to the funeral arrangements have been made yet ... >>lake zurich police are asking for the public's help to find a driver that killed a recent high-school graduate and injured two sisters the three girls were walking along the shoulder of church street just north of jamie lane when the driver had them friday night 18 year-old
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gabby tray odds drugs died at the hospital her friends struggle to make sense of the treasury during laxer its alpine festival celebration a celebration the girls were heading to when she was killed ... the vehicle is described as a light-colored normal estivate with damage to the front passenger's side colleagues or police if you have any information ... >>medical examiner's a woman fell three stories to her death gage park over the weekend was murdered 39 urals and dearborn's was found just a 5:00 a.m. saturday morning on the sidewalk and the 5800 block of south kedzie officials say that she died from injuries related to the fall off and determine that someone pushed her short time later police found 28 year-old man and fauna and that therefore windowed same dress his hospitalized in critical condition police still
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investigating ... >>city inspectors plan to revisit our press of business for possible food safety violations after tribune report found food being prepared outside and unsanitary conditions take a look at this picture tribune reporters found women working in the backyard in the sweltering heat preparing baked goods neighbors complained about a foul smell coming from the home bakery and festivals business in logan square city records show the business pass the last three annual health inspections but there were done for the bakery began operating for the summer season ... >>chicago-based groupon is reaching out to help chicago's public schools and school students starting tomorrow groupon will ask its subscribers to donate $12 to buy back to school kids for needy kids the kids will include " eraser's notebooks rosen pencils when a four percent of sepia students
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come from low-income families said those little kids are a big help groupon said it will encourage people to donate the future ... the nfl lockout may be over the nfl players association reached agreement early this morning players currently meeting in must still vote to approve the deal but sources are reporting that approval of the deal appears to be a formality of the deal does go through today rosters will be expanded to 90 players and free agents officially declared teams can begin to negotiate with ricky's as early as tomorrow players with an start reporting to camp on wednesday with all teams back by sunday trade talks can be filed on friday with trays becoming official on saturday ... still ahead how your smart from effecting your eyes plus the hotel made his accusing dominique strauss-kahn
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the new york hotel maid who accuse the former international monetary fund chief of sexually assaulting her is speaking out publicly for the first time. nafissatou diallo it is interviewed by newsweek magazine and abc news she says that former imf director dominique strauss-kahn was taken when she entered his hotel room and identified itself as a housekeeper. shute said he was like " a crazy man " and then began to attack her stress, has pleaded not guilty to sexual abuse and attempted rape charges his attorneys claim the interview is a last desperate effort for her to extort money from the minute strauss-kahn. >>an autopsy was performed today on singer amy winehouse the 27 year-old was found dead in her home in london on saturday fans have been leaving messages and flowers in memory at sutter vermont her grieving parents stop by this morning to thank
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them for their support police said the singer's death as unexplained and speculation the chairman of dart from driver does is early in the inappropriate winehouse have long struggled with drug and alcohol abuse ... >>jury selection begins today in a sexual assault trial of polygamous sect leader warren jeffs jeffs is charged with two counts of sexual assault on a child and one count bigamy in 2008 authorities raided the yearning for zion ranch in texas and remove 400 children they feared research libya used some of the men at the ranch for charged with sexual abuse most of the children were later returned to their families ... >>hundreds of same-sex couples across the state of new yorker celebrating today new york's mayor to quality act affect on sunday and many couples were married the first ceremony was held in buffalo just after midnight in new york still on the clerk's office has been flooded with more than 2600 requests for marriage licenses since the wording in the online application was changed from bride and room to spare us a and
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spouse b ... >>still ahead how can you buy the home once owned by betty loren maltese plus trouble off the field for bears quarterback jay cutler and what he is saying today that his former fiancee and later in lunch break we're going gourmet hot dogs and not just any hot dogs their chicken dogs ... to keep in balance after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day women's 50+ advantage has ginkgo for memory and concentration, plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine.
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responsibility. what's your policy? sheets or bar? how do you get your bounce? yeah, when i heard the bar helps repel pet hair just like the sheets i figured, hey maybe it'd work for bernie too. oh hey bern. hey, honey. (soft laugh) woman: bar yes, hair no. i'm beejal patel for bloomberg news ... stocks are fractionally lower at this hour the panic selling on wall street that politicians were warning about over the weekend is not panning out so far investors are looking to the bond market there are absolutely no signs of panic at the moment gold reached another high and silver is rallying as
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investors seek safe havens in light of and continued uncertainty and all eyes are on that u.s. government aaa credit rating pimco is warning that the u.s. government may still lose the aaa rating even if congress reaches an agreement on the debt ceiling before the august 2nd deadline the ceo of pimco says the last minute negotiations leaves the aaa rating extreme you vulnerable more job cuts in the technology sector research in motion maker of the blackberry fund plans to cut 2000 jobs due to slower sales more people are choosing the apple i phone over the blackberry and they are losing market share to the android software on smart phones ... >>fake apple stores were closing in china the government shut down more stores after that
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apple logo was being used without the company permission and their selling counterfeit goods ... >>the average price of gasoline rose in the u.s. by more than a half cents a gallon that's the first time since early may that there's been such big spike. analysts blame the recent increase in the price of crude oil the average price of gas nationwide is now about $3.70 in chicago it's still the highest in the country of $4.70 just one year ago the price of gas station what was a dollar less than it is now. >>former cicero town president betty loren maltese lost her home in 2002 which is convicted of corruption that has finally being sold. it is expected to go cheaply at an auction this thursday potential buyers suggestions fecklessness to an open house the government seized the house when she was convicted she plans to attend this week's auction and meet the potential buyer. >>coming up details about
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security cameras going into some chicago's high schools and in the medical watch results of a new study on the effectiveness of the chicken pox vaccine and one of country music's hottest new artists opening for brad paisley this summer brett eldredge is here in our studio he is in town for a special home town appearance at the edgar county fair in paris
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of chatham neighborhood is celebrating a new wal-mart with a ceremonial bricklaying it is at 83rd and honda will be chicago's second wal-mart superstore it will bring in 400 new jobs and give the neighborhood near grocery options ... wal-mart plans to add more stores throughout the city in the next two years ... >>police officers will be able to look directly into chicago public eye schools from a remote location that's part of a new program ... james miller it
12:25 pm
joins us live ... >>it was a pilot program at fenger high-school that led to cameras at 14 high schools costing the district $7 million but cbs says that it will help reduce crime and create a safe environment for students the enhanced electronic security system will place high- definition security cameras at 14 chicago public schools during fiscal year 2012. the high-tech system piloted at fender high- school in 2009 is beamed up to mobile devices and local police stations and the various agencies in charge of safety at the schools ... >>ahead of safety and security
12:26 pm
of cbs says that the cameras helped to create a safe environment and climate for teachers and for learning >>i think parents realize that it's important that it creates a safer environment for the students i think everybody in the community when we recognize that we're putting cameras in the schools it's important that we don't stigmatize the students or the teachers inside the schools because everyone is doing a good job to try and make the schools safe >>this is a puzzle the cameras are just one piece of the puzzle leading to the decrease in the violent conduct and the number of arrests it's all part of that puzzle ... >>cbs has installed cameras that some of these schools but at the 14 schools these cameras should be installed by february of 2012
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i had a heart problem. i was told to begin my aspirin regimen. i just didn't listen until i almost lost my life. my doctor's again ordered me to take aspirin. and i do. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ mike ] listen to the doctor. take it seriously. with the heat last week i heard you say that we needed rain tom ... mother nature went overboard with the request and our area and has net that not been the case ... we handed last week with a
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very dry records and we open this week with the second wettest july it may be the wettest july on record ... we have a beautiful fairweather day today the temperatures on a downward trajectory thank goodness. now we have a lovely high pressure system shoving all of those showers on the periphery of the city things will be pretty fair until wednesday and then we will get into that same humid air mass that plagued us last week we will get hot later this week as well but look how beautiful it is now on how those thunderstorms pushed off to the southeast of us here saran that came down yesterday the heaviest
12:31 pm
was in the southwest suburbs versus the fri. sat. 6 in. dump at o'hare that's the biggest 24 hour rainfall ever recorded in chicago 6.8 in. ... the flooding up in northbrook is something entirely different ... and iran and naperville had baked accumulations and there was a horrendous flood in 1987 on the record we're sending our misery to the east coast that's where the big storms will be today ... it is warm but it is not miserable the really had core of
12:32 pm
the air has been pushed to the self of us and the air masses starting to warm back up again we will enjoy the cool down and had dropped and humidity ... it's not that cold you still will have some beach weather tomorrow well into the 80s it will be warmer than it was yesterday here's a look at the temperatures around chicago- area: many people down stater telling me that they need rain ... with thunder storm watches with warnings and certain counties with hit advisories' there are
12:33 pm
flood watches in effect in north dakota ... texas cannot by a drop of rain yet you have flooding in the northern plains ... juliet is 82 degrees right now 79 degrees at o'hare it's a beautiful afternoon at the airports ... gorgeous weather and fox lake and on the northwest side of chicago here outsider wgn studios it's a beautiful day ...
12:34 pm
as we head into wednesday we are getting into the humid air will be lots of moisture that will produce some formidable storms in some places. we will have 64 percent humidity with high mold spore counts ... the sun is strong out there today simply is where your sunscreen strom clusters will form and move along the jet stream and we
12:35 pm
run the risk that these things will fire over the same piece of real estate over and over again intimately throughout the overnight. that's what happened friday into saturday we had some underwater much flooding.. tonight the skies will be clear with the temperature dropping to 87 degrees67 degrees ... the high-
12:36 pm
temperature tomorrow will be in the mid-80s. we will be back with the seven day forecast a little bit later >>it's time for today's trivia question: who was henry mccarty better known as? the answers ahead at so, what are we going to do with this? i don't know. the usual? [ blower whirring ] sometimes it pays to switch things up. my - what, my hair? no. car insurance. i switched to progressive and they gave me discounts
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association reached an agreement early this morning players are currently meeting in a still vote to approve the deal, but sources are reporting that the approval of the deal appears to be just a formality ... reagents officially declared. teams can begin to negotiate with rookies as early as tomorrow players with munster reporting to camp on wednesday with all teams back by sunday trade talks can be filed on friday with trades becoming official on saturday. the cubs get to rest today after finally winning three in a row for the first time this season the bullpen blew another great start by matt garza but in the eighth inning the cubs were down 4-3 alfonso soriano broke his bat and houston's jason roose what can't catch it the game was tied the 10th inning still tied marlon byrd flies one to the right field and hunter pence loses it and the sun byrd
12:40 pm
to third standing up the astros walked the bases full and pinch- hitter jeff baker wins it for the cubs 5-4 was the final score the cubs' first sweep since july of 2009 >>at the white sox took on the indians in cleveland edwin jackson got the start he allowed two earned runs in six innings for is munster run against the indians against taiwan and the sixth adam dunn drove the ball deep to center and got a lot of help from the sun to runs scored it 4-2 white sox and the ninth when sergio santos comes on to close it out ground balls to the whole omar vizquel is there to get the final out the sox won first pitch tonight is 710 ... the nfl season may be on but jay cutler is engagement may be off according to jay cutler in reality star tv set kristin cavallari have called off their engagement and that
12:41 pm
was jay who dumped kristin kristin cavallari reported out in l.a. on saturday without her engagement ring and telling friends that it was off cutler defended capillary on his face book early this morning saying he would block courtly people who talked about about her his also said that his relationship issues have no impact on his football abilities ... that's a look at sports in your life illinois lottery drawing is next ... here are the pick three winning numbers: 2 5 1 here are the pick four winning
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the the in the medical watch chickenpox was once a
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potentially deadly illness for children but no more a new study shows that vaccinations and almost eliminated the danger the death rate from chickenpox fell 90% 7% for people under the age of 20 but since the centers for disease control started recommending vaccinations for all children that number has plummeted 97% >>not all belly fat is bad for the heart and new study suggests where people store-bought the fed may be more important to heart disease risk and how big they are researchers in sweden and finland focused on visceral fat the fat starter and the internal organs the report man with high triglyceride levels in and with normal levels at the same amount of research lowfat but those with high triglycerides had nearly twice as much fat stored in their lever ... >>is your smart phone making your eyes tired? several reports of a journal of vision
12:46 pm
suggests the prolonged viewing of mobile devices another stereo 3-d devices can lead to visual discomfort fatigue and the and headaches in 3-d displace stereo content is placed for the screen appearing closer to the viewer researchers say that the cause of the discovered may be the demand on our eyes to focus on screen and simultaneously just to the distance of the content the lunch [ tires squeal ] an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, available only from liberty mutual insurance if your car's totaled, we give you the money to buy a car that's one model-year newer with 15,000 fewer miles on it. there's no other auto insurance product like it.
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alpogianis americas dog is here ... we wanted to cut down on calories with our gourmet hot dogs so we're beginning to use chicken ... here we see some salarycelery.. this is an apple could thegouda and chicken dog...
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here we take granny smith apples carrots and celery we slice them up julienne style and we take a dressing and put a little bit of honey and some mustard seed and some yogurt mix it all together and we take poppyseed saids and mustard and we mix it for a great dressing for these vegeta bles.. we iut this on top of the dog a greal li testttle slaw..
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and then the answer to today's trivia question: markwho was henry mccarty better known as? the answer is believed can'tbilly the kid! >>we have an interesting development in the forecast for reemergence of rain this will be a wetter than normal weaken the chicago area be obeyed
12:56 pm
thunderstorms northwest of us tomorrow and tomorrow evening and wednesday night in the city will be a storm we will watch out with great interest we have some high pressure over us so we have a beautiful ms pulling through today the wind is moving from the northeast going southwest and there will come off the lake again tomorrow by midday to on wednesday we will have storms can hitting parts of northern illinois ... here is the forecast tonight clear warm not as human 67 degrees tomorrow warm moderate humidity 88 degrees wednesday more you med 92 with thunderstorms late in the day into the evening sometimes heavy ... thursday will hit 95 degrees more storms
12:57 pm
on friday we will get more high- pressure bringing that brain it will be warm and humid with scattered storms throughout the weekend.. summer is up to its old tricks once again.. thank you so much for joining us today we hope you have a great afternoon remember we are back at 5 and 9 this evening ... we leave you with more from brett eldredge you can see him at the edgar county fair in his hometown of paris illinois tomorrow night.. [music: brett eldredge]
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